class 22-- 3.21

class 22-- 3.21 - Joseph PleckMens Power with Women, Other...

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Unformatted text preview: Joseph PleckMens Power with Women, Other Men, and Society. o P57-69 in Peter F. MurphyFeminism and Masculinities Genetic basis of Sickle Cell o If there were natural selection process involved with Sickle Cell Anemia, 25% would have AA (Normal), 50% would have SC trait, and 25% would have SCA. Its estimated that 1/12 African Americans have SC trait. 1/500 get SCA. o Medical researchers are very hesitant to distribute different health outcomes to different races based on biological differences. Why hasnt SCA become a problem for whites (Europeans)? 1) Evolutionary process called Swamping o When you have a small population, next to a larger population, the gene pool of the smaller population will be swamped out by the much larger population. Whatever genetic differences that occur in the smaller population, once theyre swamped, will become unimportant. African Americans make up 1/8 of the US population. Only 25% of their offspring would end up with SCA if they married someone with the SC trait. African Americans are the least likely to marry out of their own race. Only 2.2% of interracial marriages involve and African American and a Non- Hispanic White. 2) One-Way Gene Flow o It is not a natural processonly occurs through a certain social process. In the old south, we had what was known as the One-Drop Rule. This was where anybody, if they had any portion of African-American ancestry (no matter how small), would be classified as African-AmericanOne...
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class 22-- 3.21 - Joseph PleckMens Power with Women, Other...

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