class 19-- 3.14

class 19-- 3.14 - Goffman's idea of "The Wise" o "Courtesy...

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Goffman’s idea of “The Wise” o “Courtesy Stigma” Stigmatized because of some characteristic they have because of their close association with a stigmatized individual or group Family members of a criminal, mental patient, HIV patient, Alzheimer’s patient, etc. People that hang with a group of a different race or ethnicity. Master Status o A component of someone’s identity that people think is so important that it influences their interactions with other people. o 3 most important ideas of Master Status: social class, race or ethnicity, and sex and gender Social Class Under Feudalism, everybody had a fixed place in society—nobility (land owners), clergy, and servants (agricultural peasants). In an industrial society, what are we talking about when we use the terms “upper, middle, working, and lower class”? o Karl Marx One of the founding fathers of sociology. We associate him with ideas of communism,
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class 19-- 3.14 - Goffman's idea of "The Wise" o "Courtesy...

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