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class 11-- 2.16 - Exam 1 will cover: Perspectives o...

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Exam 1 will cover: Perspectives o Micro-level Theories: George Mead’s Symbolic Interactionism—what was it trying to argue against? Biology and Culture o Sociobiology What is the major premise of it? Criticisms (won’t be on the test) Uniqueness of the biological feature of human beings. Differences in sexes Socialization o Social Interaction Feral children o Societies Common Stock of Knowledge Peter Berger’s 3 step process Oppositional Codes Language Research done on Black/White speech difference o What were the conclusions? Safir-Whorf Hypothesis Linguistic Poverty Hypothesis o Societies based on tools and technology What differences does that make on societies? Primitive v. Modern/Industrial o People Ralph Turner Ideas of the different societies David Reisman “The Lonely Crowd” Christopher ____ Culture of Narcism John Hewitt’s Delimma of the American Self Big and Small town Modern and urban society Ervin Goffman Dramaturgy How does Dramaturgy differ from Meade or Turner? Charles Osgoode’s 2 meanings of words Semantic Differentials and 3 major dimensions o Know what the letters stand for individually and collectively Transient Differentials
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o Idealization/Impression Management Strategies Attribution Theory Implicit Personality Theory Different types of causal attributions o Quotes Thomas Theorem Charles Cooley—Looking Glass Self o George Meade’s Symbolic Interaction What 2 questions was he trying to answer? o
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class 11-- 2.16 - Exam 1 will cover: Perspectives o...

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