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class 9-- 2.11 - Snippets from Georg Simmel Wolf Kurt H...

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Snippets from Georg Simmel: Wolf, Kurt H,. ed. (1950). The Sociology of Georg Simmel . NY: The Free Press As societies have become more complex, interaction has become briefer and more utilitarian, limiting what we know about others, and how much we need to know (p. 317-329).” “Every relationship between persons gives rise to a picture of each other in the other, and this picture, obviously, interacts with the actual relation (p. 309).” If we find situations are real, they are real in their consequences. “It is characteristic of the human mind to be capable of erecting solid structures, while their foundations are still insecure (p. xxxii)” We do that with the world around us; we thing our societies and cultures are set in stone, but in the past we’ve seen very dramatic changes. The same is true for ideas of who someone else is. o We construct a picture in our head based on very limited information. “The most basic formula of a highly developed culture—a formula which transcends all particular contents—may be suggested by designating it as a crisis constantly held back (p. xxi).” Written in a later to a friend, just before WWI and his death. For any number of reasons, our world could come crumbling down. o Goffman takes same approach to social interaction. Each person has to work on it to keep it going and at any time, our actions could make it come to a halt. Goffman, Erving. (1959) The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
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class 9-- 2.11 - Snippets from Georg Simmel Wolf Kurt H...

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