class 8--2.9 - David Reisman o "The lonely Crowd"...

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David Reisman o “The lonely Crowd” Cited by Turner repeatedly. 90% is Reisman’s work. 1956, published revised version of it. o 3 Types of People: Tradition-directed people People that look for guidance in their lives with the traditional norms and values in society. Internal means of social control is shame. o They don’t want to do anything that will bring shame upon themselves, their family, or their community. Tend to be looking backwards and very conservative. The Roman Empire wasn’t constructed by tradition-directed people Inner-directed (or autonomous) people By the nature of their upbringing and the type of society they live in, are driven to go beyond, to do things other people have never done. They want to become bigger, better, richer, more famous, etc. Reisman says these people are guided by an inner gyroscope, that keeps them focus. o They need this single-minded focus to achieve these very high goals they’ve set for themselves so that they don’t stray away. This leads to problems…
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class 8--2.9 - David Reisman o "The lonely Crowd"...

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