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Social Learning Theory— 3 different ways that we learn o Internalizing what we’re taught by other people o Vicarious learning—watching other people, to see if what worked for them works for us. We have to have an idea of who we are. We have to develop a meaningful sense of self. o Who we are, and the knowledge we need to internalize, depends not only on our sense of self as an individual, but also depends on our position in society, by the groups we belong to in society. Our sex—most heterosexual men don’t know how to put on makeup. o Part of the information we’re expected to know is information that shows other people that we belong to different groups in society— oppositional codes. Showing members of their group that they belong, or showing members of other groups that they belong to a different group.
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Unformatted text preview: • Different clothing/jewelry o LSU apparel o Gender-based clothing o Religious groups Thorsten Veblen , author of “Theory of the Leisure Class.”--Describe lives of people that are independently wealthy o Conspicuous consumption for ostentatious display Consuming cultural artifacts, whose primary focus is to show a person’s standing in society There are certain cultural activities and objects that have been set aside as things that only “rich people” consume, or use to separate themselves from the masses of people “below” them. • What makes a Jaguar or Corvette so special? o “Highbrow” Culture • Less-wealthier people also involve themselves in oppositional codes, such as conspicuous consumption. o Lawn ornaments o Speech • John Gumperz...
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