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3 Major Theoretical Perspectives: o Structural functionalism: different parts of society and how they work together to maintain the society as a whole. o Conflict theory : comes from 19 th century Karl Marx; historical materialism. All parts of human history can be delineated by economic system. Change comes about when economic systems are overthrown and replaced by another one. The rise of capitalism and mass production of goods share one common thing: People make money through labor of other people. In this theory, the workers would rise up to overthrow the other people in charge. ***Both of these are the macro-level view. They look at the secondary roles. o Symbolic Interactionism : George H. Mead; said that nothing gets done without people. Societies are only possible by the use of symbols. Ex: hand gestures, objects, language. Language allows humans to communicate, reflect on past and other things. This is micro level view.
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