class 9 temperment and personality

class 9 temperment and personality - 1 November 2, 2006...

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1 November 2, 2006 Temperament $ Temperament is a “constitutionally based differences in emotional, motor, and attentional reactivity and self-regulation. Temperamental characteristics are seen to demonstrate consistency across situations as well as relative stability over time. $ Key thing to note is it is inside you, stable across situations, and stable across time. Thomas, Chase, and Birch (1968/1970) $ show how different temperamental activities are stable across time(different ages). $ different ways of looking at activity level at different ages an different circumstances $ after coming up with all the different temperamental qualities, they found how these qualities fit together on a more global scale. Shows an easy child, difficult child, and slow to warm up child by grouping things together. This is the first attempt to show how children are alike and different. These are not used as often as some Mary Rothbart’s Infant and Child Behavioral Questionnaire $ She came up with questionnaires that parents could answer about their kids. She asked various questions about different temperamental activities. “How often did your baby scream or kick during feeding?” She organized based on everyday life activities. $ She had two versions of the questionnaire to see if the person remains very stable (one questionnaire for infants and one for children) Stability of Temperament $ In the original New York Longitudinal Study, infants who showed fearful distress to novelty showed the same pattern at 2, and greater social inhibition at 4.5. $ Three year olds prone to negative emotions with parents displayed more negative emotions
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class 9 temperment and personality - 1 November 2, 2006...

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