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class 8 moral development - Developmental Psychology - 18...

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Developmental Psychology - 18 Moral Development o Moral Choices in Nazi Germany Why were most people bystanders? Most bystanders, because of the government, were extremely scared of the repercussions of helping. What about the rescuers? 44% (compared to approx. 28% bystanders) helped because they cared. How did the rescuers differ from those that were bystanders? Their reflections of the values they learned from their parents. o Conditioning as Mechanism of Moral Development When helping is rewarded, they help more often. When helping is punished, they help less often. o Social Learning as Mechanism of Moral Development Whether the kids were told specifically, or not, about donating marbles, they donated. (from 78% to 86%) When the kids were told specifically about donating marbles, about 30% did not donate. When the kids were generally told about donating marbles, about 40% did not donate. When kids weren’t told, at all, to donate marbles, about 2% did not donate. o Emotions and Moral Development Empathy (Zahn-Waxler) Expose children to other people’s distress to see how they react. As children are acquiring words and the ability to think with representations (having a lot of cognitive resources), we see a huge increase in the amount of empathy. Self Concept (Kochanska) Sets up a game (stay in the box, but try to get all of the darts in a ring) where there’s no possible way for the child to win. Every opportunity is given to the child to cheat, but the child doesn’t leave the box. Notes rules and morality as being opposites of each other.
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class 8 moral development - Developmental Psychology - 18...

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