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Louisiana State University - Developmental Psychology October 27, 2009 1 Aggression o To cause harm intentionally o Kinds of Aggression Physical vs. verbal aggression Reactive vs. Proactive / Instrumental Aggression When aggression is in response to the perceived hostility of others, it is called reactive aggression . When violence is used as a means to achieve ends, it is called proactive aggression ( or instrumental aggression ) Reactive aggression much more common Relational aggression Relational Aggression involves harm to relationships : spreading rumors, withholding friendship to inflict harm, and ignoring or excluding peers from the group More common in girls than boys Not correlated with physical or verbal aggression o Developmental trajectory Early Childhood Aggression is rare before 18 months of age and increases quickly by 2 years of age As language develops during toddlerhood, physical aggression decreases while verbal aggression increases (physical aggression peaks around 2) o Developing emotional regulation strategies Later Childhood into Adulthood
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class 7 aggression - Louisiana State University...

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