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Lindsay Lastinger In-Class Writing- Poetry Analysis Coach Allen March 23, 2009 “Analysis of Advice to My Son” The poem “Advice to My Son”, written by Peter Meinke exploits both literal and metaphorical diction in order to convey a deeper level of meaning: A meaning that explores the beauties and practicalities of life, demanding that one lives each day as if it were his or her last, yet planning long range. The speaker of the poem is a father who is passing on valuable advice to his son. He is encouraging his son to live life to the fullest and to hold nothing back, but to be careful, for all too often the souls of young, innocent men are tragically lost forever. He is advising his son to balance the beauties of life … “the peony and the rose…” with the practicalities of life…. “the squash and spinach, turnips and tomatoes…” In the first stanza of the poem, the speaker is warning his son of the numerous trials and
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Unformatted text preview: tribulations of life, most of which are fatal. Diction that illustrates these widespread dangers includes, the shattered windshield and the bursting shell This diction is referring to just two causes of death within the danger-filled world in which the speakers son must livetwo of many harsh realities he must learn to withstand in his plan for a long range. Also in this stanza, is the diction, but at the same time, plan long range, for the days go slow if you survive Although this statement greatly contradicts the warnings the father gives to his son, it is vital to the overall meaning of the poem. Because of the many potential fatalities one must face throughout life, the speaker wants his son to live each day as if his days were numbered; however, he also wants his son to enjoy the countless beauties a long-lived life has to offer....
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