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Paper on The Road - Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver AP...

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Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver AP Literature 22 August 2010 AP Writing on The Road A Protagonist in Opposition to His Society In Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road , the boy protagonist displays an incredible sense of compassion, morality, and benevolence towards all of whom he meets. He displays these personal characteristics as a form of direct opposition to his society—a society that is plagued with violent, immoral, and barbaric individuals. Indeed, the highly diverse actions of the boy protagonist and the barbaric individuals within McCarthy’s twisted society serve as moral implications towards just how quickly such ideas as love, compassion, and absolute humanity can be diminished. The basis of these implications is no doubt the ultimate, conflictive decision to either allow all previously valued morals to be obliterated for the sake of survival, or to risk dying in order to preserve such valued morals. While most of the societal individuals surrender their morals for the sake of survival, the boy maintains his morals due to his altogether generous and “God-like” soul. Throughout The Road , most people within the burned, ravaged, and post-apocalyptic society are simply trying to survive, even if that implies completely redefining what is morally right and what is morally wrong. According to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, human beings tend to live by the rules of a simple pyramid—a pyramid that depicts basic human needs in relation to their importance and attainability in life. This five level pyramid provides a model that
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Paper on The Road - Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver AP...

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