Paper on Of Mice and Men - style that is not plagued with...

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Lindsay Lastinger In Class Writing-Of Mice and Men Coach Allen April 19, 2009 Symbolism used in Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men displays several forms of symbolism in order to achieve an overall central theme. This theme highlights independence, isolation, the importance of companionship, and the overpowering instinct to destroy those who are the most weak. Some of the most prominent symbols used in this novel include, George and Lennie’s future farm, Candy’s dog, solitaire, the crippled farmhand, and Lennie’s puppy. Each of these profound symbols work as unit to provide a central message in this novel, a message that emphasizes the magnitude of the relationship between companionship and isolation. The first, most obvious and most used form of symbolism used in this novel is shown through the introduction of George and Lennie’s future farm. Their farm, which George charismatically describes to Lennie on countless occasions, represents their ideal lifestyle—a life
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Unformatted text preview: style that is not plagued with twelve hour work days and the constant running from town to town. Their idealistic future home serves as a dream not only for George and Lennie, but also for many men under their same circumstances. Crooks reiterates this fact with these words to Lennie: Just like heaven, everybody wants a little piece of land.Nobody ever gets to heaven and nobody gets no land. Its just in their head Ironically enough, although Crooks seems to reprimand George and Lennies dream, he too ends up asking to become a part of it. Two other major symbols used in Of Mice and Men , are Lennies puppy and Candys old dog. Both the young puppy and the feeble dog are used to convey the overall theme of the novel. They are used to show that loneliness is a terrible thing to experience; therefore, the need for some king of companion is inevitable. But, there will always be the inherent need to destroy those who are weak....
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Paper on Of Mice and Men - style that is not plagued with...

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