Paper on Huck Finn - Lindsay Lastinger AP Language and...

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Lindsay Lastinger AP Language and Composition Coach Allen In-Class Writing-TAOHF February 7, 2010 Distortion in Huck Finn Huckleberry Finn is a novel that is seemingly defined by its realistic attributes, as Twain’s main objective is to expose the raw, sometimes cruel characteristics of the South during this time period. However, Twain’s implementation of extreme exaggeration, or rather under-exaggeration transforms this seemingly realistic novel into one that is essentially, unrealistic. Through the implementation of extreme, or rather limited, exaggeration regarding the actions of various characters, Mark Twain is able to expose the societal flaws of the time period of which he writes. One of the most noticeable implementations of under-exaggeration is illustrated through a quotation by Mrs. Phelps, Tom Sawyer’s aunt. Her words come just after Huck, pretending to be Tom, arrives at her house. He says to her that he was late because “we blowed out a cylinder- head…” She then proceeds to ask if anyone got hurt, in which Huck replies, “…No’m, killed a nigger…” Mrs. Phelps then says, “…Well its lucky; because sometime people do get hurt…”
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Paper on Huck Finn - Lindsay Lastinger AP Language and...

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