Paper on the Florida Gators - Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver...

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Unformatted text preview: Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver Classification Essay April 18 th , 2011 Class of 2011: Senior Year Stress One of the most pronounced misconceptions plaguing all of humanity is most certainly the idea that ones senior year in high school is both undemanding and stress free. I am here to tell you that this notion is entirely false. Though seniors tend to enjoy certain amenities that lower classmen can only dream of, the reality of the matter is that senior year is one of the most stressful times in a students life. I know from experience that the stress placed upon high school seniors is undeniably intense and variedso much so that it can be classified into three primary categories. These categories include, stress related to school, stress related to college admissions, and stress related to every students unavoidable desire to fit in with the crowd. These three categories of stress inevitably affect the lives of all high school seniors at some point during their senior year, either one at a time, or in worst case scenarios, all at once. Stress related to school is perhaps the most common source of stress for a high school senior. The rigor of classroom curriculum for high school seniors is often designed to match the rigor of many college level courses. Thus, students are often bombarded with interminable mountains of schoolworkall of which correlates directly with the constant pressure to maintain that perfect 4.0 G.P.A. In this constant battle to maintain the strength of ones G.P.A., two simple letters come to define the absolute severity of ones academic schedule: A and P. Virtually all high school seniors are presented with a variety of AP courses for which they must take in order to strengthen their transcripts. After all, these transcripts contribute heavily to the college or university these seniors will be attending after graduation. I know for a fact that these AP classes are outrageously difficultso much so that I, as well as numerous other students, have lost significant amounts of sleep at night while producing the work required for these advanced...
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Paper on the Florida Gators - Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver...

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