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Paper on Choosing Shoes

Paper on Choosing Shoes - cappy Alliteration which is the...

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“Choosing Shoes” Chosen by: Lindsay Lastinger The poem “Choosing Shoes” was written by Ffrida Wolfe, and was selected from the book The Little Big Book for Girls . This poem was chosen to represent sound patterns. Sound patterns can be anything from a simple rhyme scheme to short words expressing onomatopoeia. In this particular poem, onomatopoeia is not used, however, rhyme scheme is. The rhyme scheme for this poem is: a a a b . Some of the words that rhyme include, shoes and choose, or strappy and
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Unformatted text preview: cappy. Alliteration, which is the repetition of certain consonants, is also used. Alliteration is used by repeating the “s” sound over and over. I chose this poem because not only did it create a good representation of sound patterns, but it also created a good representation of something that I love to do: shop for shoes! This poem is cute, girly, and a lot of fun!...
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