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Ms. Carver AP Writing As I Lay Dying September 26, 2010 Addie Bundren: Deceased yet Imperative As I Lay Dying , written by William Faulkner, features several significant characters. The most significant character of all, however, is Mrs. Addie Bundren. Ironically, Addie Bundren is deceased for the majority of the novel, and unlike other prominent characters, she only has one personal monologue featured in the context. Nevertheless, from this single monologue, along with the thoughts and actions of other characters, readers conclude that Addie indeed plays a pivotal role in the development of action, theme, and significant characters in the novel. In As I Lay Dying , the death of Addie Bundren ushers in an entirely unique series of events in the lives of the Bundrens, especially regarding their pursuit of Jefferson—a town in which Addie wishes to be buried. The Bundrens, particularly Anse Bundren, promise Addie that they will lay her to rest in the town of Jefferson so that she may be close to her ancestors. Thus, the majority of the novel highlights events that correlate with their travel to this infamous city. Their journey wholly reflects the main action of the story. Without Addie, the entire action of the story would not exist. Addie is essentially the motivation behind the Bundren’s trip to Jefferson, though each family member seems to be motivated by various selfish desires. Dewey Dell, for example, wishes to rid herself of the baby she is carrying, while Anse merely desires a set of new false teeth. Of course, the family members are not solely guilty of selfish desires, as Addie’s true motivation behind requesting to be buried in Jefferson is so that she may employ revenge on Anse, the husband that lived his life as a selfish, unkind, and uncompassionate individual. Again,
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Paper on As I Lay Dying - Lindsay Lastinger Ms. Carver AP...

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