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Paper In all ways a Georgia Bulldog

Paper In all ways a Georgia Bulldog - Lindsay Lastinger...

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Lindsay Lastinger Mrs. Parramore March 4, 2008 “In All Ways a Georgia Bulldog” Ever since I was a little girl, I have learned to love the University of Georgia. My love for this extraordinary college football team is so outrageous, that at times, I have been called the “Georgia football freak.” I have attended countless football games, each one adding a new and exciting memory to my life. Athens, the town in which these amazing memories are held, has become a second home to me. I acquire a sense of joy as I reminisce in the good times that I have had there. For me, the term “Glory, Glory to Ole’ Georgia”, has not only become a well known battle cry, it has also become a way of life. Cheering for the famed red and black is no simple task. It requires dedication, determination, and a strong sense of pride. Being a part of this prestigious group of college football fans is an honor. It gives you a certain amount of respect from people all across the south. The Georgia Bulldogs are one of the most prominent college football teams in the nation; therefore, you must take pride in supporting them. You must show them endless amounts of faithfulness as well as the upmost respect they deserve. As one makes their way to Athens, they drive down immeasurable strips of I-75, acquiring an excitement like no other. Knowing that you are “On the way to see the dawgs play…” fills your heart with anticipation for the next day’s game. As the “Bulldog March
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