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Lindsay Lastinger A.P. Language and Composition “How it Feels to be Colored Me” Zora Neal Hurston 1. In this essay, Zora Neal Hurston compares the way in which she perceives her race, and the way in which others perceive her race. Until she moved from Eatonville, Florida (a strictly “colored” town) she was indifferent to her race, for she classified all individuals of different races as equal. However, upon her arrival in Jacksonville she is introduced to the various negatives in correlation with her race. However, even after being exposed to the negatives associated with the color of her skin, she maintains an incredibly high self esteem, and with this high self esteem, she is able to take pride in who she is—regardless of the color of her skin. She realizes the differences between blacks and whites, but she chooses to ignore them. She now shows apparent pride in the progress that African Americans have made throughout the years, especially through her blunt dismissal of the fact that she is a descendant of slaves. She implies that everyone feels discriminated against at various points in their lives—not only blacks. She 2. The purpose of this essay is to show that race should not be a definition of who a person truly is. She implies that although people are different on the outside, all people are the same on the inside, as they are all created by God. She especially, shows no sign of belittling herself due to the color of her skin, even after her move away from Eatonville. 3. Zora Neal Hurston uses a variety of rhetorical strategies in her essay including, example, metaphor, comparison, and ethos. Example-she describes, in detail, instances from her past that helped her to understand what it means to be “colored” during her time (i.e. her life in Eatonville and in Jacksonville) Metaphor-she implements a metaphor through her description of different colored bags lying against a wall, all of which have similar contents on the inside despite their exterior differences. This metaphor is used to represent how every individual is entirely different on the outside, but on the inside they are made up of similar contents because they were all created by God. Comparison-Zora compares the thoughts and perception of white people with those of
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Paper (zora neal hurston) - Lindsay Lastinger A.P. Language...

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