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Outline for Composition Term Paper 1) Introductory paragraph -Each year millions of people, both men and women undergo plastic surgery…Plastic surgery can cause serious physical as well as mental problems. 2) Cost of Plastic Surgery -Plastic surgery can cost up to thousands of dollars. 3) Problems that can occur after surgery -infection, slow-healing, asymmetry, permanent skin damage 4) How plastic surgery could help you -If you have certain deformities, or have been in a serious accident.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Other options other than cosmetic surgery 6) Medical Mal-practice - Some doctors are not qualified to perform surgery, and just want money; scams. 6) Mental problems that occur after surgery. - You could not like what you got and suffer serious depression problems. 7) Plastic Surgery could become addictive You could become addicted to surgery, spending thousands, and damaging yourself Conclusion-Plastic surgery can be very damaging and is not worth spending so much money....
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