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Automatic Railway gate operation - Automatic Railway gate...

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Automatic Railway gate operation ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to provide an automatic railway gate at a level crossing replacing the gates operated by the gatekeeper. It deals with two things. Firstly, it deals with the reduction of time for which the gate is being kept closed. And secondly, to provide safety to the road users by reducing the accidents By the presently existing system once the train leaves the station, the stationmaster informs the gatekeeper about the arrival of the train through the telephone. Once the gatekeeper receives the information, he closes the gate depending on the timing at which the train arrives. Hence, if the train is late due to certain reasons, then gate remain closed for a long time causing traffic near the gates. By employing the automatic railway gate control at the level crossing the arrival
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  • Spring '11
  • The Gates, Train station, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, central park, Culture of New York City, Automatic Railway

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