9-29 lecture - Lecture 9 Continuous Approach to...

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Lecture 9 Continuous Approach to Stratification: Blau and Duncan, The American Occupational Structure Studying class and equality in the form of asking how much do parents opportunity affect their children How much social mobility is there in a society? Meaning how much do your parents' origins affect your life? I. Continuous variables 1. Income, education 2. Status (Duncan scale: occupational prestige metric) 3. Levels of measurement: 1. nominal - “name”, when all you can do is name different characteristics 1. ie protestant catholic muslim jew, male, female, transgender 2. cant put a number on it. 2. Ordinal – you can put things in some kind of order, even if you cant say how big the differences are 1. do you think obama is doing good job as president? Agree or disagree. An ordinal scale. Cant say how much more is quantitatively between agree and disagree 3. interval - you can say how much difference there is between one another 1. ie measuring temperature 2. ten degrees cooler than yesterday, cant do all numbers in a ratio 1. cant say something is twice something, half something, like a ratio 4. ratio – this scale has a true zero. 1. You can say that one of the brothers is 5 and ten, so you can say hes twice as old 2. twice the income, twice the age, you can make these statements because it has a true
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9-29 lecture - Lecture 9 Continuous Approach to...

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