11-10 lecture - Cultural Logic(s): The Problem of Modern...

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Cultural Logic(s): The Problem of Modern Individualism Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism How Ideas create an Ethos (styles, skills habits of thinking, what it feels like to be a certain person) I. Predestination and God's Transcendence 1. Martin Luther (“95 Theses” - 1517) 1. God's transcendence 2. Grace vs “works” 2. John Calvin (Institutes of Christian Religion – 1536) 1. Predestination 2. “Deus Absconditus” 3. “Proof of salvation in a calling II. Ideas into “ethos” - Psychological Consequences: rationalization of self and world 1. Demystification of the world 2. Anxiety 3. Loneliness 4. Self-scrutiny 5. Rational self-control 6. Disciplined work in a calling III. Social consequences: Practices 1. mutual scrutiny, discipline 2. voluntary group formation 3. individualism IV. why does Ethic Outlast the Ideas American Individualism I. Culture as code – the lgoic of American individualism 1. Egoism , individuality vs voluntarism. 2. Characteristics of the American individual 1. autonomy 2. choice 3. honesty (communication) 3. The individual and the group 1. What makes you different let syou join the group 1. “rudolph,” Cowboy, Dont cry big bird 2. Need unique interests to join with others 3. Conformity 4. Aversion to politics Individual intersection between various cultural logic We dont differentiate between culture in head of a person and the cultural logics that operate in the larger system which may be somewhat coherent
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11-10 lecture - Cultural Logic(s): The Problem of Modern...

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