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11-15 lecture - VI D critiques robert dahl – yale...

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II. Pluralist Theory 1. Robert Dahl, Who Governs? 1. The method – to look at political decisions 2. unit of analysis is a set of decisions 2. Edward Banfield, Political Influence 3. Norton Long, “Local politics as an Ecology of Games” III. A. Theory: Power held by multiple groups; who has power varies from issue to issue IV. B. Focus: decisions V. C. method: find who influenced decision
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Unformatted text preview: VI. D. critiques robert dahl – yale researcher. More than one group involved in politics. Who has power varies to issue to issue. Edward Banfield - Pluralists not saying everyone's equal, but enough political competition that whenever a political issue comes up, there are people for and against it. Political competition brings new groups...
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