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1st hour exam_key - CHEM 3311 Zhang Professor Spring 2010...

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CHEM 3311, Professor Zhang, Spring 2010 First hour exam. Feb 11. 2010 r'/ Printed Narne: V' OV Student ID: Scores: 1) 2) 3) 4) s) 6) This is a closed-book exam. The use ofnotes, models, calculators, scratch paper will not be allowed during the exam. Please put all your answers on the test. Use the backs ofthe pages for scratch. Partial Periodic Table IA I H 1A .l Li 4 Be 11 Na t2 Mo 8A ?A 4A < OA 7A 2 He -) 6 I 7 N 8 o o F 10 Ne 13 AI 1,1 Si D 16 S l/ C1 18 AI 3-5 Br I )-1
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1) ( 16 pts) Foreach of the following molecules: 1. Draw a valid valence bond structure, showing all formal charges and unshared electrons. ( l2pts) 2. Indicate which type of hybridization of each second row atom (with atomic number 3- 10) in your structures. (4pts) H'5 no choli34 a. (cH3) e C -l cV-qa H l.t c= a/ til 3 3P b. (cH3) o c. (BCIq)o l'l jo H, -H :i1. 1,i: 1r,.1s? rI, 7 H'a no chavg4 f, +l cha13e C[s no ch.arg a B -l charga 3 D= 3P t'l d. (cH3NH3)t u, \ -g i - 3 H -C d\H c=sP N--sr 2 l|o" ', ^ \-lh n3U\^/O\::O shown in 2A above, how much negative charge and 03, give your answer in percentagenegative B. For the molecule
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