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Rules for Naming Branched-Chain Alkanes 1. Name as n -alkane derivatives. 2. Select the longest carbon chain. It does not matter how the chain is drawn on paper. 3. Give each carbon in the longest chain a number and number and name each substituent. 4. Repeat number if carbon has two substituents. 5. Number chain from the end that gives the lowest substitution numbers. 6. If two names are equally possible, choose the name with the less complex substituents. 7. List substituents alphabetically , ignoring prefixes such as di, tri, and tetra or n - sec -, and tert -. Rules for Naming Cycloalkanes 1. Cycloalkanes are named based on the number of carbons in the ring, i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: cyclopropane, cyclobutane, cyclopentane, etc., and not the total number of carbons in the compound. 2. When substituents are present, they are specified and numbered as for branched- chain alkanes. 3. When one substituent is present, specifying its position is not necessary. 4. If two or more substituents are present, the ring is numbered to give the substituents the lowest set of numbers. 5. If two or more different substituents are present, they are listed alphabetically, ignoring prefixes such as di, tri, tetra or n-, sec- and tert-. (by Professor Gary R. Gray, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota)...
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