Hw 5 - ChEn 2001 Homework#5 Due Wednesday Problem 1(Murphy 3.24 modified Formaldehyde(HCHO is produced by partial oxidation of methanol(CH3 OH

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ChEn 2001, Homework #5 Due Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Problem 1 (Murphy 3.24, modified). Formaldehyde (HCHO) is produced by partial oxida- tion of methanol (CH 3 OH). Three side reactions also occur with methanol, producing formic acid (HCOOH), CO, and CO 2 . All four reactions produce H 2 O. Suppose 100 kgmol/h methanol and 25 kgmol/h O 2 are fed to a reactor, where 40% of the methanol and 80% of the O 2 is converted to products. What must the reactor outlet composition be? Problem 2 (Murphy 3.30). Natural gas contains about 97 mol% methane and 3 mol% ethane. Suppose that natural gas is burned with excess air in a home furnace. The furnace is improperly maintained, so that the product gases contain some CO, at a CO:CO 2 ratio of 1:5. All of the natural gas, and 90% of the oxygen in the air, is converted to products. Calculate the composition of the product gases. Problem 3. Consider a one liter, rigid vessel that is initially half full of water and half full of air at room temperature and 5 atmospheres of pressure. If you begin to remove water at a steady
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