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hw 7 - ChEn 2001 Homework#7 Due Friday Problem 1 Use...

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ChEn 2001, Homework #7 Due Friday, November 13, 2009 Problem 1. Use Raoult’s Law to construct a T-x-y diagram for toulene and ethylbenzene at 600 mmHg. The x,y should refer to the mole fraction of the more volatile component. Problem 2. Consider an equilibrium flash of isopentane and isopropanol. The feed to the flash unit is 60 mol/hr isopentane and 40 mol/hr isopropanol. Answer the following questions about the following possible ways to operate the flash tank: 1. If the flash tank operates at 55 C and atmospheric pressure, what is the composition and flow rates of the outlet streams? 2. If the flash tank operates at 40 C and the liquid flow rate is 40 mol/hr, what is the pressure of the tank? 3. If the gas flow rate is 40 mol/hr and the system operates at atmospheric pressure, what is the temperature of the flash tank? Problem 3 (Murphy 5.37). A natural gas stream (100 kmol/h) contains 98 mol% methane and 2 mol% hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S). H 2 S is a highly toxic gas. The concentration of H 2 S in the natural gas stream must be reduced to 0.01 mol% H
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