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hw 10 - ChEn 2001 Homework#10 Due Monday Instructions You...

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Unformatted text preview: ChEn 2001, Homework #10 Due Monday, December 14, 2009 Instructions: You should upload your final numerical answer for each part of the problems as a single assignment on WebVista. You can do this either by typing the numbers in on the submission or adding an attachment with all of your answers. The first method is preferred. Note: You can assume constant heat capacities for these calculations. Problem 1. Consider an adiabatic reactor that is used for the complete combustion of the feed. The reactor takes the feed of the raw material and a stoichiometric amount of oxygen required for the complete combustion of the raw material. Determine the temperature of the reactor outlet for the following feeds: 1. one mole of liquid cyclohexane at 25 ◦ C; 2. ten moles of liquid cyclohexane at 25 ◦ C; 3. ethylbenzene at 150 ◦ C and atmospheric pressure; 4. dry ice. Problem 2. A flash tank takes a feed of 77 mol% of heptane and 23 mol% of octane at a temperature of 25 ◦ C. The feed is flashed at a pressure of 780 mmHg and a temperature of 105C....
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