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Sample Problem Topic: Voltage & Current Dividers Statement of Problem: Given the circuit shown in the figure below Find a) The value of currents i 1 and i 2 b) The voltage of v 0 Solution Of course, we could solve this problem using the previous method(s), namely KVL, KCL. However, we can also re-draw this circuit to quickly determine a few parameters. In certain cases, this can be preferable to solving systems of equations. Redraw the circuit as follows: 120Ω 4A 80Ω i 2 i 1 To get the equivalent 120 Ω resistor, simply combine the 30Ω & 90Ω resistors, since they are in series. We can calculate the current through the parallel circuit, thus obtaining the amount of current split through the 120
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Unformatted text preview: and 80 resistors by using the current divider equation. a) 1 = 4 120 120 + 80 = 2.4 2 = 4 80 120 + 80 = 1.6 b) To find the voltage across these parallel resistors, we will combine the above resistors into an equivalent resistor, and use Ohms law to determine the voltage drop. Remember, parallel resistors have the same voltage drop; this is why we can make this transformation. 1 120 + 1 80 1 = 48 Using Ohms law: V = IR, where I = 4A, R = 48 V = 192V...
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