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EE215_Lab_1_Guide - Overall how well is the lab group...

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EE215, Autumn 2011 Laboratory 1 Lab Group Name: _________________________________________________________ Students: _________________________________________________________________ Recitation Section: __________________________________________________________ In Progress (Week 1 Recitation Section -- Working on the Lab) 1 = Not Very Well 3 = Average 5 = Very Well Is each student able to identify a potentiometer, resistor, capacitor, and inductor by sight from the lab kit? Can each student connect circuit elements using a breadboard and neat, organized wiring technique? Can each student distinguish a resistor with a higher power rating from one with a lower power rating? Do all students in a lab group take turns building circuits and taking measurements? Overall, how well does the lab group arrive prepared for working on the lab during recitation?
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Unformatted text preview: Overall, how well is the lab group documenting the results, schematics, etc. of their lab in their lab notebook? Performance (Week 2 Recitation Section -- Demonstrating the Lab) 1 = Not Very Well 3 = Average 5 = Very Well How well did the lab group respond to question a, b, or c under Procedure 1? In Procedure 2, how quickly and neatly does the lab group build a circuit using a “new” mystery resistor pro-vided by the instructor and then how accurately does the group calculate the value of this resistor? In Procedure 2, what is the quality and clarity of the data tabulated and graphed for parts f and g? How well does the lab group demonstrate the circuits of Procedure 3 and Procedure 4? How does the lab group respond to un-anticipated questions to Procedures 3 or 4? 1...
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