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EE215_Lab_2_Guidelines - Overall how well is the lab group...

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EE215, Autumn 2011 Laboratory 2 Lab Group Name: _________________________________________________________ Students: _________________________________________________________________ Quiz Section: __________________________________________________________ In Progress (Week 3 Quiz Section -- Working on the Lab) 1 = Not Very Well 3 = Average 5 = Very Well Is each student able to identify a transistor by sight from the lab kit? Can each student identify the usefulness of a Thevenin equivalent circuit? Does each student understand how to obtain a Thevenin equivalent circuit through measurements? Is each student familiar with the current carrying capacity of a potato-battery, a AA battery, a C battery, a 9V bat- tery, and a typical car battery? Can each student explain (and demonstrate) this capacity based on internal resis- tance of the DC voltage source/batteries? Overall, how well does the lab group arrive prepared for working on the lab during recitation?
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Unformatted text preview: Overall, how well is the lab group documenting the results, schematics, etc. of their lab in their lab notebook? Performance (Week 4 Quiz Section -- Demonstrating the Lab) 1 = Not Very Well 3 = Average 5 = Very Well Did the lab group turn in, in hard copy form, to the TA, a professional quality presentation of the answers to all questions in Procedure 1 including appropriate measurements and tutorial-level explanation? Can each lab group demonstrate Procedure 3 and answer any questions from the procedure or other questions relevant to a dependent source as relevant to being an appropriate model for a transistor? Can each lab group demonstrate Procedure 4 and clearly articulate how to create a Thevenin equivalent circuit based on measured values? 1...
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