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Sample problems Topic: KCL and KVL Statement of problem Find 0 i , 1 i and 2 i in the circuit in the figure below. 60V 1 k Ω 5 k Ω v Δ + 0 i 3 61 0 v Δ × 2 k Ω 500 Ω 2 i 1 i Solution If the left part of the circuit is seen as a node, there is only one incoming current 0 i , but no outgoing current. Therefore, by using KCL at the new node 0 0 i = In order to obtain 1 i and 2 i , it is necessary to obtain the value of the controlled current source first. So the first step is to get the controlling voltage v Δ . 60 55 0 15 V vk V kk Δ
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