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Topic: Nodal Analysis Problem Statement: Consider the circuit below. Determine the value of i and V using nodal analysis. Solution: The first steps in any application of nodal analysis are to note the number of nodes in the circuit, define a reference node, and finally define node voltages with respect to the chosen reference node. Redraw the circuit with all nodes and node voltages labeled (The ground symbol
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Unformatted text preview: is typically used to denote the reference node). We need nodal equations for nodes A and B with respective node voltages V A and V . Start by applying KCL at A. Note that we have V A = 9V due to the independent source. i + . 100 = i 1 i = V A 50-. 100 i = 80 mA Knowing i we can now calculate V to be V = 100( . 080) = 8 V. 1...
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