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op_amp_problem3 - Sample problems Topic Operational...

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Sample problems Topic: Operational Amplifiers Statement of problem The opamp in the circuit is ideal. - + o v + 9 V 15 V 7 k Ω 32 k Ω 75 k Ω 25 k Ω 8 k Ω s v Find o v in terms of s v . Solution Due to the virtual open circuit property, the circuit looks like o v + 9 V 15 V 7 k Ω 32 k Ω 8 k Ω 75 k Ω 25 k Ω s v v + v + The voltage at the positive port of the opamp is obtained from the right hand side circuit 75 3 25 75 4 s s k v v v k
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