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Sample problem Topic: Power and energy Problem statement The voltage and current at the terminals of the circuit element in following figure are zero for t<0. For t>0 they are 1000 1000 75 75 50 t t ve V ie m A =− = (a) Find the maximum value of the power delivered to the circuit. (b) Find the total energy delivered to the element. Problem solution (a) The first thing is to find out the expression of power 1000 1000 3 1000 2000 (75 75 )(50 10 ) (3.75 3.75 ) tt t t Pv i e e e e W −− == − × = Recall that what is learned in calculus, or that the maximum value happens at the zero point of the derivative function 1000 2000 3750 7500 0 dP ee dt + = By solving the above equation, the maximum point is obtained
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