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Literature Cited 1. Alberty, R.A. (2011) A Short History of the Thermodynamics of Enzyme-catalyzed Reactions.< > 2. Davis, B., Martin, D. (2011) General Biology 101, A Laboratory Manual. Rutgers University- Division of Life Sciences, New Brunswick, NJ. 3. Farrel, S.O., Taylor, L.E. (2006) Experiments in Biochemistry A Hands-On Approach, 2 nd ed. Thomsom, Brooks/Cole. 4. Lee, D.K., Jang, S., Baek, E.H., Kim, M.J., Lee, K.S., Shin, H.S., Chung, M.J., Kim, J.E., Lee, K.O., Ha, N.J. (2009, June 11) Lactic Acis bacteria affect serum cholesterol levels, harmful
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Unformatted text preview: fecal enzyme activity, and fecal water content. < > 5. Neitzel, J.J. (2010) Enzyme Catalysis: The Serine Proteases. Nature Education. 6. Ross, M.H., Ely, J.O., Archer, J.G. (1951, April 17). Alkaline Phosphatase Activity and pH Optima . < > 7. Schowen, R.L. (2003, October 14). How an enzyme surmounts the activation energy barrier. University of Kansas – Simons Laboratories, Lawrence, KS. 8. Solomon, E., Berg, L., Martin, D.W. (2011) Biology, 9 th ed. Brooks/Cole, Cenage Learning....
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