308 Questions 1-4

308 Questions 1-4 - Study questions for the lectures 1-4...

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Study questions for the lectures 1-4 What information(s) could you obtain from a genetic approach of studying mutants defective in a particular process? Genetic approaches allows us to know what the importance of a protein is, what the # of genes involved and their order is, and what interactions between genes o Identification, survival of mutants = importance of protein o Complementation analysis = order of genes o Genetic suppression = interactions between proteins How would you define permissive conditions in respect to temperature sensitive mutants? Permissive conditions allow researcher to understand how important a certain protein is in respect to the survival of a mutant. Define (or compare and contrast): a) gene expression; transcription; replication; translation; b) gene; allele Gene expression includes the processes through which the information carried by a gene is converted into observable product. Transcription is reading a DNA sequence and transcribing it into mRNA. Translation is reading this mRNA and translating it into an amino acid sequence that codes for specific proteins (observable product). Replication is involved by allowing more gene product to be produced when replication DNA. Gene is the entire DNA sequence necessary for the synthesis of an RNA molecule or functional polypeptide and includes coding and regulatory regions. An allele is an alternative form of a single gene. Explain by using your own words the meaning/significance of gene expression. Gene expression includes multiple steps that covert information into observable product such
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308 Questions 1-4 - Study questions for the lectures 1-4...

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