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266 Outline - Chemistry 266 - Detailed Course Outline Fall...

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Chemistry 266 - Detailed Course Outline Fall 2011 All assignments are due by 11:00 pm on Tuesday nights (except assignment 12). Note: This is a tentative schedule for both sections and may change during the term. Week of Quizzes Topics Textbook Chapters Sept. 12 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Nomenclature 4.4, 7.2, 8.3, 10.2, 13.1, 14.2, 14.7, 14.11, and 21.2 Sept. 19 Assignment 1 Due: Sept. 20 11:00 pm General Chemistry Review and Molecular Representations Electrons, bonds, molecular properties, drawing molecules, resonance and formal charges. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Sept. 26 Assignment 2 Due: Sept. 27 11:00 pm Acids & Bases and Intro to Alkanes & Cycloalkanes Introduction to curved arrow notation, Bronsted-Lowry acids, Lewis acids, Newman projections and conformational analysis. Chapter 3 Chapter 4.1-4.8 Oct. 3 Assignment 3 Due: Oct. 4 11:00 pm Alkanes and Cycloalkanes (cont.) and Stereoisomerism Cycloalkanes, cyclohexane, stereoisomers, optical acitivity, chirality and symmetry, and Fisher projections. Chapter 4.9-4.14 Chapter 5 Oct. 10 Assignment 4 Due: Oct 11 11:00 pm Monday Thanksgiving Holiday Chemical Reactivity and Mechanisms and Intro to Substitution Reactions Gibbs free energy, energy diagrams, nucleophiles, electrophiles, arrow pushing, alkyl halides, and the S N 2 mechanism. Chapter 6
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2011 for the course CHEM 266 taught by Professor Pols during the Fall '07 term at Waterloo.

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266 Outline - Chemistry 266 - Detailed Course Outline Fall...

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