201 - Test 2 Review

201 - Test 2 Review - CLAS 201 (Test 2 Review Sheet)...

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Unformatted text preview: CLAS 201 (Test 2 Review Sheet) THEMES: Athenian government (continued) Sparta Persian Wars (Lydia, Delphic Oracle) Theater TERMS: Athenian Government Kylon, Draco, Solon (c. 575), Seisachtheia (shaking off of woes), Pentakosiomedimnoi, Hippeis, Zeugitai, Thetes, tamias , Heliaea , Boul (400 members), axones , plain, hill, coast, stasis (civil war), Peisistratus (546 527), Laurion Mines, Panathenaic Festival, Dionysia, Hippias, Hipparchus, Harmodius, Aristogeiton, Cleisthenes (508), Trittys (30), tribes (10), Boul (500), strategoi (generals - 10), Ostracism, prytanis Sparta Laconia, Messenia, Perioikoi, 1st Messenian War (c.730), Helots, Kleros, Krypteia, 2nd Messenian War (c. 670), Lycurgus, Great Rhetra, Apothesis (exposure), Amphidromia , Omoioi (peers), Syssition (eating together), Kings (2), Ephors (5), Gerousia (30), Apella, Peloponnesian League Persian Wars Barbaroi, Herodotus (c. 485), Halicarnassus, Croesus, Lydia, Ionia, Medes, Persians, Cyrus (c. 560), Delphic Oracle, Apollo, Gaia, Pytho, prophecy, Pythia, Castalian spring, adytum, tripod, laurel, Darius...
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2011 for the course CLAS 201 taught by Professor Nickmaes during the Fall '11 term at Waterloo.

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201 - Test 2 Review - CLAS 201 (Test 2 Review Sheet)...

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