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The communication process is the process of sending and receiving messages. Shockley Zalabak - context, field of exp, competence feedback source ed, receiever de, effect, message, channel, noise. 4 types of communication channel - oral(spoken), written(letter), face2face(2 persons physically present at the same time), and electronic devices (text message or email) The three parts of speech are introduction(capture audience attention, introduce subject matter), Body(supporting material, transition b/n each main point), Conclusion(restate thesis, creates lasting impression). (Tell them.) A clincher is used in the conclusion to create a lasting impression. The central thought is important because it tells the audience how the action benefits them which bluntly answers the why. Resume Persuasive speech has central thought but informative does not bcuz informative tells you about the topic, it does not give a call to action. 3 types of informative speeches
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