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Shannon Sterling BCOM 204 Assignment 5 1) Identify and discuss six values that are almost universal. Compassion is being aware of and concerned about the feelings, needs and desires of other people. To be a compassionate person means you are able to imagine how you would feel in someone else’s place. Courage is the strength to act when faced with fear and danger and may be a dramatic action such as saving another human in danger, or a quiet action such as doing something that you know is right even though those around you don’t agree. Fairness is being able to make a decision without favoritism, prejudice or fraud. Integrity means you do not criticize behind a co-worker’s back or take credit for someone else’s work. Integrity is being sincere, honest and loyal. Responsibility is being dependable and trustworthy, living up to promises and can be counted on. Self-control , or the ability to resist temptations whether it is eating too much, drinking too much, or spending too much money. 2)
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