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Assignment 6 - Arnie a sales associate found his coat What...

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Shannon Sterling GBUS 301 Assignment 6 1) Discuss the tenant’s and the landlord’s basic duties under a landlord-tenant relationship The tenant’s duties include paying the landlord rent, using the property for its proper purpose, to not damage the premises or disturb other tenants. The landlord’s first important duty is to make sure that the rental property is ready and available to the new tenant. The landlord is also responsible to providing quiet enjoyment of the property without interference and to maintain the property in a habitable condition. 2) Bill was shopping at the mall. As he was walking to Tonne’s Department Store, his wallet fell out of his pants. While trying on a new suit, Bill left his leather jacket in the change room. Sue found Bill’s wallet.
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Unformatted text preview: Arnie, a sales associate, found his coat. What kind of found property is bill’s wallet? What kind of property is his jacket? What rights do Sue and Arnie have in the found property? The wallet would be considered lost property since it was accidentally given up. Sue should turn the wallet over to the mall since they are the owners of the land the wallet was found and they should give every effort to contact Bill to return his wallet to him. Sue would have no rights to the wallet. The leather jacket found by Arnie would be considered Mislaid property and Arnie would not have any rights to the jacket and it should be turned over to the department store so that they can try to find the rightful owner of the jacket, Bill....
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