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Shannon Sterling GBUS 204 Writing Assignment #1 John Stevens owned a dilapidated apartment that he rented to James and Cora Chesney for a low rent. The Chesneys began to remodel and rehabilitate the unit. Over a four-year period, they installed two new bathrooms, carpeted the floors, installed new septic and heating systems, and rewired, replumbed, and painted. Stevens periodically stopped by and saw the work in progress. The Chesneys transformed the unit into a respectable apartment. Three years after their work was done, Stevens served the Chesneys with an eviction notice. The Chesneys counterclaimed, seeking the value of the work they had done. Identify the arguments each party would make and indicate how you believe a court would likely rule. Argument for John Stevens: It was not in the original contract or discussed that the Chesneys would fix up the apartment. Whether or not Stevens knew the work was happening; if the Chesneys were expecting payment from Stevens then it should have been clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties
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