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Shannon Sterling BCOM 301 VD Chapter 4 Critical Thinking Exercises 3. The receipt you requested is attached 4. Please sign the proposal and the undersigned before returning it to me. 6. You have until the 12 th to send the remittance. 9. I am sending the report you requested. 15. The goods you ordered from Marco’s on February 3 rd are shipped by FedEx and should reach you by Thursday. 18. Your AMBUCS membership application has been approved. 23. You should try Tony’s Red Beans; they have an exciting spicy taste. 25. I can grant your request for payment of travel expenses.
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Unformatted text preview: 29. We regret that we must call your attention to our policy of prohibiting refunds for merchandise bought at discount. We can exchange the vacuum cleaner you purchased for another item of equal value to the discount price. 40. I regret to have to say that I will be unable to speak at your conference, as I have a prior commitment. I have a prior commitment on same day as your conference, but would be available on January 7 th for the next conference....
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