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NORTHERN OUTFITTERS 7214 WEST TRAIL STREET ABERDEEN, SD 57401 September 21, 2010 Mr. Rick Jenkins, Beta Upsilon Sigma President Northern University 1200 South Jay Street Aberdeen, SD 57401 Subject: Your September 17 request for silent auction donations. Dear Mr. Jenkins, Yes, Northern Outfitters will donate the following packages for the silent auction to benefit the Aberdeen humane association. 1. Weekend Get Away Package. The winner of this package will be able to rent the following items for one weekend: a tent, a canoe, a backpack and supplies.
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Unformatted text preview: The retail value of this package is $200. 2. Gone Fishin Package. The winner of this package will take home a new fishing poll, an extra roll of string, fishing net, a gift certificate for a container of worms and a tackle box with an assortment of lures, bobbers and weights. The retail value for this package is $400. We wish you success in your efforts to raise money for the local human association. Sincerely, NORTHERN OUTFITTERS Shannon Sterling Shannon Sterling Manager...
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