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BC-Chapter 6 PSC 22 - I also wanted to let you know we have...

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OFFICE DEPOT 279 South Central Avenue Highland, Kansas 66514 September 21, 2010 Bao Vang 275 West Avenue L Highland, Kansas 66514 Subject: Your September 20 report on model # 7925-843 Dear Ms. Vang, We make customer satisfaction our #1 goal. We appreciate you notifying us of the chair and found that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled the desk set (model # 7925-843) due to similar incidents and at this time we request that you return the desk set, including the broken chair, to our store in exchange for an $80 gift certificate that may be used toward the purchase of any product at our store.
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Unformatted text preview: I also wanted to let you know we have a sale on the Bridgeton desk set for $75.00, which is a savings of $90.00, until October 4, 2010. The Bridgeton desk set is considered an upgrade to the desk set you purchased and they are currently in stock at our store. We do accept returns on purchases within 30 days with the original receipt for full refunds or exchanges. Well look forward to further assisting you with your office supply needs. Sincerely, OFFICE DEPOT Shannon Sterling Shannon Sterling Customer Care Representative...
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