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BC-Chapter 16 CTQ - Shannon Sterling BCOM 301 VD Chapter 16...

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Shannon Sterling BCOM 301 VD Chapter 16 Critical Thinking Questions 1. Charles E. Baskin, the new member of the advisory committee, has been an employee for seven years. Reason-“the new member of the advisory committee” is a nonrestrictive clause and could be left out without changing the meaning of the sentence, therefore commas after Baskin and after committee are needed. 4. The truth of the matter is that the union representative had not informed the workers of the decision. Reason-There is no reason to pause after “is”, therefore I removed the comma. 5. Sales for the first quarter were the highest in history, but profits declined for the period. Reason-Inserted “but” to connect the independent clauses. 10. Todd Thatcher, a supervisor in our company, is accused of the crime. Reason-Placed commas after Thatcher and company to set off a nonrestrictive clause. 17. In 2006 we were advised, in fact we were instructed, to accept this five year contract.
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