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Chapter 1 Critical Thinking Exercises

Chapter 1 Critical Thinking Exercises - Shannon M Sterling...

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Shannon M. Sterling BCOM 301 Chapter 1: Critical Thinking Exercises 3. Q: Choose a certain national or regional culture, ethnicity or generation- one different from your own- and find out what values the people in this demographic are generally known for. How might working or doing business with a person from one of these groups require you to adopt your own values and communication style? A: Communication in English is not as mush a problem as making sure the correct person receives your emails or faxes and when greeting prospective clients in India it is important to know whether or not they are more custom to the “namaste” form or greetings and saying goodbye or if they are more custom to the western cultures and shake hands. This could be perceived as disrespectful if approached incorrectly. Time management and punctuality are very important parts of running a business in the United States, however, this differs greatly to the more laid back approach of businesses in India,
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