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Shannon Sterling BCOM 301 Chapter 17 Critical Thinking Questions 1. Explain how technology can help the writer with both creative and tedious writing tasks. (LO1) Various concept mapping or outlining tools help in brainstorming and organizing the content of a message. Project management programs help in planning for a tedious project by identifying tasks and how to manage your time with each task. Some tools even assist in gathering information for your project. 4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of spelling checkers and grammar and style checkers. (LO2) Each of these tools allows a writer to improve their writings as long as they are used correctly. First you need to know that computers are not perfect and cannot tell if
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Unformatted text preview: you mean to say imply for infer, so as the writer you must have the ability to know when to use the correct spelling and grammar. Grammar and Style checkers will only offer you a suggestion but it is still the writer’s responsibility to make the correction. 8. How can technology assist in collaboration? (LO4) Collaborative writing tools will members to work in either a asynchronous environment where everyone is working from a different place or different time on the collaboration or in a synchronous environment where everyone is work at the same time and in the same place or in different places on the collaboration....
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